Urban Rain Boots

Caring for Your Boots

To ensure that your boots are in tip top adventuring condition, keep them stored in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Wipe them clean and leave to dry naturally. Excessive heat and direct sunlight can damage the rubber and fade the colours.

Using the Urban Rain Care Kit will help you to protect your boots.

We also recommend that you clean your boots regularly and do not use solvents to clean your boots.

Urban Rain Care kit


Keep your Urban Rain boots shining with our care kit that has been specially developed to keep your boots in tiptop condition.

Whats in the Urban Rain Care Kit:

  • 150ml Bottle of Cleaning Spray

  • 150ml Bottle of Finishing Spray

  • Microfibre cloth


How to use your care kit:

Wipe them clean of mud and debris with a cloth and warm water. 

Apply the Cleaning Spray to the boot and wipe with a clean cloth.

Once dry, apply the finishing spray and wipe in circular motions with the microfiber cloth.