Urban Rain Boots



Are urban Rain Boots True to size?

Yes, Urban Rain Boots are true to size. However as they are handmade from 100% rubber the foot opening is slightly wider. Make use of the Size Chart to make sure you are purchasing the correct size for you.

Can I try on a pair before I buy?

Urban Rain Boots are at selected stockists. Please refer to the stockists List here for more information.

How do I exchange if I’ve bought the wrong size?

Urban offers free exchange within 7 days as long as your items are undamaged, re-sellable and still in their original packaging. 

How do I look after my boots?

Please refer to our Caring for your boots section 

My boots are white and chalky?

The white chalky substance or “bloom” can occasionally show up on your boots.

High quality, Natural rubber has insoluble particles that may rise to the surface of your boots in certain conditions.

This is a common process and is nothing to worry about. The ‘bloom’ does not have an affect on the functioning of the boots and does not harm them in any way.

To restore your boots, regularly use the Urban Rain Care Kit to maintain their shine.

Are Urban Rain Boots waterproof?

Yes, Urban Rain boots are waterproof. Each boot undergoes waterproof testing to ensure they are watertight so that you don’t have to worry about wet feet during your adventures.